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Welcome, friends! We have a series of lectures to introduce you to many different subjects that are practical in our everyday life; things we need to know. The world is in trouble. We have problems. These are the solutions.


The first part of the program will be theoretical; I will speak about the philosophy of meditation, and the second part will be practical, we actually will do meditation. Now throughout the world we find more and more people interested in meditation. Even professional people like doctors and psychiatrists are referring their patients to meditation courses and classes.



Yoga is very popular in the world today. Many people are interested as is indicated by all of you coming tonight. And only when we think of yoga, we think of one little portion of yoga. The picture is someone is standing on the head or twisting, bending, stretching. As I say this is one part of yoga. But there is much more. So that is what we are going to do night. It is kind of to give you an overview of the yoga system.


The meaning of life

We are born into the human form of life. We, meaning the spirit souls that we eternally are. Our bodies are material. We have two bodies, the physical body that we all see and deal with and consider to be ourselves and then, the subtle body, the mental body - the body of desire. So, these two bodies comprise our material vehicle.



Love is something that is so prevalent in our life, so needed in our life and so strong. In fact, we go through life trying to find it. We’re very concerned about: will somebody love me or not?... Why is it? Why is it so important for us?



What is happiness? Happiness is the most sought after thing and also the most elusive. And the reason everyone is seeking happiness is because it’s the nature of the soul to be happy. However in the material world we don’t try to find the true happiness, which is spiritual happiness for us, the spirit soul.



The material world as we see it seems very unfair, unjust. It doesn’t seem the way it should be. There are so many variations and differences in people’s circumstances. Why is it that some people are born very rich, some people are born very poor, some people are born very beautiful, some not so beautiful, some very intelligent, some not so intelligent, some very healthy, strong, others very weak from birth?



All right, so thank you very much for coming, we are happy to see so many people interested in our subject of reincarnation. So we are going to begin with a little meditation. This is part of the yoga teachings. And there are many yoga systems, but in all different yoga teachings, systems, paths meditation is one of the main activities.



-Well, you cannot avoid stress because stress, as you just mentioned, is everywhere. And the more we’ve advanced in our modern technology and ways to enjoy the world, that means we have to work harder, it means more people are desperate trying to find happiness, and so the stress level just goes up and up.


Important topics

If you understand the material world and how it works, you have a lot better chance of dealing with it correctly. And there’s a lot more than we learn in science. See, there’s much information we never get because the material scientists can’t discover these things. But it’s revealed knowledge in the Vedic scriptures.


Healthy diet

So, I had been asked to speak about diet. Even following a vegetarian diet you can still be much more controlled by your tongue than your intelligence. And I think that most people agree with that. - Oh, I like this. So, I want to eat this. - But it is not good for you. - But it is not meat, fish or eggs. Must be all right then! But there are different effects on the physical body, according to the food we eat.


The Vedas

The Vedas are very ancient, they were written down 5000 years ago. But of course the knowledge itself is eternal. So, before it was written down it was passed down orally from one perfect master to the next. The line of perfect teachers is known as a disciplic succession or Parampara. We are in the Parampara which is known as the Brahma-Sampradaya. And we feel very fortunate to receive our knowledge through this lineage. I haven’t made this up – this is obvious, that this is not my opinion. I’m not here to give you my opinion about meditation. I am passing on this eternal science.


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