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Alkaline diet

There are many things that contribute to good health, but diet is probably most important, it has the most effect. Every nutritionist on the planet will agree that the body should be alkaline. Does everybody know the PH scale? Anybody, who doesn’t know? If you went to school you probably know. Anyway, there is a chart that goes from 0 to 14. And this is called the PH scale. PH stands for potential hydrogen. It’s set up like this with 7 in the middle.



So if we learn that science of the proper care for the body, we can keep it in very good condition. The body is not designed to be sick. The body is designed to be healthy. But we, out of our ignorance and neglect, make it so it seems like it’s designed to be sick.


Yoga diet 1(VIDEO)

Ok, so tonight we are going to talk about vegetarianism. All the yoga paths, all the yoga teachings suggest vegetarianism. A yoga diet is a vegetarian diet. In ancient times very, very few people in the population ate meat. Almost all were vegetarians, and even those who did eat meat, nobody ate cows. So we go far, far away from that now. We are in a very different world. And it is not a better world.


Yoga diet 2 (Video)

There is appropriate food for each body. A human body needs a specific diet to be healthy. Yoga teachings give us a formula on how to eat and live properly.


Physical and spiritual health (video)

Our diet greatly affects our material and spiritual wellbeing. The Vedas give us exact perfect information concerning all aspects of life including what we eat. But most people do not even consider that diet is important. They just eat what they like and that makes them really unhealthy.



So now I am going to speak just briefly about the most important of all the aspects of eating. That is the spiritual aspect. We spend all our attention on our material life, and indeed it is important, but nothing in comparison to our spiritual life which we neglect almost exclusively.


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