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We are happy to share this enlightening interview with Balakhilya das about yoga wisdom, which is relevant to everyone at all times. He talks about practical things and answers challenging questions concerning our wellbeing in modern life. This interview will be equally interesting for those who are looking for answers to some deep philosophical questions and for those who want to solve real-life problems. These teachings are amazingly beneficial for all of us and can be easily applied to everyday life.


Interview in Baku

In this interview Balakhilya das talks about his personal journey with yoga, which started many years ago with surfing. He describes how his life changed amazingly for the better with yoga and meditation. Balakhilya das tells us about his realizations and the events which helped him understand what the real purpose of life is. Watch this video to find out more information on this topic.


At the mountain lake

In this video (filmed in a picturesque location in the mountains) Balakhilya das gives a short presentation on the topic of independence in our lives. We all are seeking independence as a source of happiness. But what make you independent in the truest sense and what makes you truly free? Balakhilya das gives the answer to this question in this interview.


Spiritual life is fun

Some may think that spiritual life is filled with suffering and limitations, but this is not the truth. Spiritual life makes you really happy in the truest sense of the word. You are happy within and are not dependent on external sources of satisfaction.


Questions from online followers

In this interview Balakhilya das gives very clear answers to the questions which are relevant to all of us. How can we distinguish the absolute truth from just another opinion? What are the paths of yoga and what is the difference between them? Watch this enlightening video and get answers and insights from ancient yoga philosophy.



In 1971 I had the incredible good fortune (by Divine arrangement I am sure) to meet my Spiritual Masters. At last, under their expert guidance, I received and followed the ancient wisdom of Bhakti Yoga and have continued to do so until this day. What a beautiful and fulfilling journey it has been.


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