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Discover happiness (video)

Everyone wants to be happy but to be happy, I first have to understand who I am. The Vedas teach that we should ask ourselves the question, "Who am I?" but we almost never do


happiness (video)

-Balakhilya das, may I ask you about happiness? I talk to people, and many people say that they are not happy. -Yes, happiness is the most sought after thing and also the most elusive. And the reason everyone is seeking happiness is because it’s the nature of the soul to be happy. However in the material world we don’t try to find the true happiness,...


The Message (VIDEO)

So what we are going to do is start with Gauranga meditation. I think that everybody knows that it is a deep breathing meditation, and that the way we breathe is very important. Very few people consider - am I breathing correctly or not? I mean we just breathe. In most cases it is not as good as it could be. So we are following the system of yoga, specifically Bhakti-yoga. Included in all these yoga teachings are many-many things that we should do to actually make our life correct and this includes breathing.


The real world

So the emotion, the whole feeling, the sentiment of the spiritual world is love, but true love. That life which actually fulfills one's life, brings one to the highest level of happiness. And that love is exchange between each person and Krishna, God.


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