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Loneliness (English only)

-Can you please explain about loneliness? How… How not to be lonely? When you look at people, some look so lonely. You know they are lonely, they know they are lonely. What is the solution for this? -Well, actually, loneliness is very easy to understand. You’re lonely because you’re alone, you’re not with someone that really makes you happy, that...


Let love into your life (English only)

When we come into this world, the connection is broken; we've completely forgotten who we are, where we are from and what life is for. Life is for love, not lust. Life is for love, that is the only reason to live and that is the spiritual love that I am referring to. We can achieve this; this can be our real life.


A secret to better relationship ( video english only)

You cannot be happy without love, it is impossible. There are many people on this planet they have everything that should make them happy and they are absolutely miserable, they have all the riches and the fame, and the prestige, and they have been through all the essential experiences, whatever, whatever, money is not problem.


Love: Real or Apparent? (ENGLISH ONLY)

We are going to be discussing love. And a lot of people when they see this lecture title, they automatically assume it’s going to be about hearts and flowers, and romance, etc. But it’s not, sorry. (laughs) It’s going to be very practical, we are going to explain the difference between real love and apparent love but in a very, very complete way so it’s a lot involved.


About Love

The subject of love is one of the most talked about and relevant subjects of life. It also one of the most complex. Let’s just say, it’s the most complex. It’s so confusing, hardly anybody understands really ‘love’. So, we are going to try to look at it very, very closely and see what we can learn. To do this, we must begin at the beginning.


Spiritual Marriage

So, tonight I’m going to speak a little bit about marriage. Pretty relevant topic, I think. So many here are either married or wanting to be married. If there’s one topic that’s more common than any other topic, this is it. If there’s one thing that consumes the consciousness more than any other one topic, this is it.


family life (VIDEO)

-Balakhilya das, could you please explain about family life? What sort of family life can be called spiritual and harmonious? -Well, real family life is spiritual, but, unfortunately, this is very rare today. Because now family life, again, based on the illusion that we are our bodies, is simply two or more people coming together (it could be a husband,...


Festival in the heart!

Every day in service to Krishna is a festival, not just weddings, birthdays and holidays. So that is the life that we should all hope for, where every day in our heart is a festival.


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