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Everyone needs to meditate, everyone needs relaxation, everyone needs some protection, some way to free ourselves from anxieties. So, we have a very practical way to meditate, which anyone can do and achieve these goals.

Explanation of meditation

This line of perfect teachers is known as a disciplic succession or Parampara. We are in the Parampara which is known as the Brahma-sampradaya. And we feel very fortunate to receive our knowledge through this lineage. I haven’t made this up – this is obvious, that this is not my opinion. I’m not here to give you my opinion about meditation. I’m not here to teach something I learned on the top of a mountain one day. I am passing on this eternal science.



Yoga: the path to inner perfection. What is inner perfection? Everybody knows that perfection of life is the perfection of happiness, right? I mean, who can deny that? Everybody wants to be happy. Why does everybody want to be happy? Because it's the nature of the soul.



Before I begin my programs, I always like to offer my respects to all the spiritual teachers or acharyas that bring this knowledge to us. All the information I represent comes from the Vedic scriptures. The Vedas are very ancient scriptures. Actually they were written down 5000 years ago. However the knowledge is eternal. So before it was written down it was passed down from one perfect spiritual master to the next.


Transcendental sound

We have been listening for the last hour and a half to mantras. Of course with various musical arrangements to make it very attractive to our material ears. However, mantras are attractive enough by themselves. This has been declared by all the great acharyas, the spiritual teachers. So, I offer my respects to all the spiritual masters. Actually knowledge is a sacred thing. When I speak about knowledge, I speak about spiritual knowledge.


Potent process

In modern age our lives are short so we need an easy powerful process working very quickly. It’s all combined in chanting of the Holy Names. It is amazingly easy, everybody can do it, and it is the most potent and effective of all the processes.



Supreme person has unlimited, innumerable names, that describe Him. But above all the names, as I said there are unlimited, innumerable names, the number one of all names is Krishna. Every name of God is included or contained in the name Krishna. In the name Krishna - Gopala is there, Govinda is there, Rama is there.


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