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Yoga is very popular today, very important part of our life. We should add it to our life. There are different aspects of yoga. So if you listen, we will explain to you these different aspects and how you can benefit.

International yoga day (video)

Welcome, everyone, I am glad to see you. As far as I know all of you are interested in yoga, right? Me too. Today we will have a discussion. If you have any questions you can ask and I will try to answer.


The Many Paths of Yoga (Video)

All over the world, yoga has become very popular. But for many people, the word "yoga" simply means a set of physical exercises. Actually, there are many paths or branches in the tree or system of yoga and each of these paths leads one to a different destination. In this seminar presented at an international yoga retreat, Balakhilya das gives a clear and in depth presentation on the four main paths of yoga.


Yoga and meditation

The type of meditation that we will be doing is mantra meditation. Mantras are transcendental sounds. They come from the spiritual world and contain spiritual potency. So just by coming into contact with this sound we get great spiritual benefit.


Harmony of yoga (VIDEO)

Thank you very much for coming. I know there are a lot of things to do in life. Everybody has many choices. So we appreciate you choosing to come here. We are going to be speaking tonight about Yoga. Specifically we will entitle it "The harmony, health and peace of yoga". There are different yoga systems. Some are more popular than others today, but they all have one thing in common. They all revolve around the main activity of meditation.


Yoga – a system of God

Yoga is becoming more and more popular in the world. You can hardly find anywhere where some type of yoga is not being taught. And generally speaking it is hatha yoga. Physical yoga. The yoga where you twist and turn and stretch and bend, placing the body in various positions or poses. These are known as asanas and are very beneficial for the body. They also benefit the mind. But there is much more to yoga than this.


Yoga and Health

The word yoga is very popular, known everywhere in the world today, basically. Yoga schools are everywhere. But almost all of this is the understanding: yoga means a physical exercise. But actually that's a very, very limited understanding. Yoga actually is a whole system of life.


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