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Question: What is the soul? Where is it located? Where is the true «self» of a person?

Answer: The soul is the «self.» You are the soul. I know we’ve been taught that we have a soul. It is not correct, we are the soul, not we have a soul.

We, the spirit soul, are contained within the body and the mind. In the Bhagavad Gita it describes very perfectly where the soul is located in the body. It’s located in the heart.

And I think we can actually relate to that very well. Love is a symptom of the soul. Where do you feel love? In the heart. Right? When you talk about love, one symbol that’s synonymous with love is the picture of the heart. When you have a very difficult relationship, you say, «He broke my heart.» You don’t say, «Oh, he broke my foot,» unless you kicked him when he went out the door. The soul is in the heart. And the scientists even know that the heart in the center of the power of the body.