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Question: What else is pleasing to the Supreme Soul except mantas?

Answer: Many things.

  1. Hearing. Hearing about the truth. Hearing this knowledge tonight is very pleasing, hearing the knowledge from the Vedas, hearing the knowledge from the pure representative of God. Hearing is very, very pleasing to the Lord.
  2. Chanting. Chanting mantras. Also speaking this truth is very pleasing.
  3. Remembering. Remembering what we’ve heard, remembering the Supreme Lord.
  4. Offering things. That’s all a part of the Bhakti yoga system.
  5. Worshiping the Supreme Lord in different ways.
  6. Doing practical things in His service.
  7. Making friends with the Lord.
  8. Praying to the Lord.
  9. And ultimately, fully surrendering to the Lord.

These are the nine principal activities that are pleasing to the Lord. And we can become more and more perfect in each one of these activities. One’s whole life can be pleasing, just as one’s whole life can be displeasing.