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So we learned last night, and basically I speak about it every night, about our true identity. We learned that we are not our material body. We learned that we are not our mind.

We have two bodies: the physical body, which is obvious, and then we have our mental body, which is not obvious. They are both material, meaning they’re made from material energy and they are temporary. They are not ourselves. Under the influence of the illusion of the material world we think that is who we are, “I am this body. I’m young or old. My name is… I’m from this country. My profession is this. I’m a husband and father” and whatever, on and on it goes… This is not true. It’s not true. I’m not my desires; some people identify themselves as their desires. This is not who we are.

We are the spirit, life inside these two bodies. I am eternally the same person, I never change, I never become someone else, I never cease to exist. The body’s always changing thousands and thousands times while we are in it. And then we leave it behind completely and go to another body.

We don’t change. Same person. Different costume. We put on a different suit. It’s like if I went behind the curtains, put on a gorilla suit and came out, “I’m a gorilla!” You look, “Oh! There’s a gorilla!” I’m not gorilla, it’s me. I got a gorilla suit on, but I think I’m a gorilla. Then I go back behind the curtains and come out with a lion suit on, “I’m a lion!” I’m not a lion, I’m still me. I just got a lion suit on. Etc., etc. That’s what we do.

But we have to wake up to the truth: I’m not that! I’m the eternal spiritual child of God. I have always been and always will be. This is so important.


Remember this, practice remembering this. When you look in a mirror in the morning, go, “It’s not me. I’m not you. My body is not me.” And in the morning you usually are pretty happy about that, “Gee, I’m glad that’s not me. What a relief!” So, anyway, we have to constantly be reminded of the truth because all day every day we’re reminded of the illusion. It’s practice. You have to practice all these things.

So you wake up in the morning, “Ok, I’m not the body! I’m spirit soul. I need spiritual awakening, spiritual energy, spiritual food!” Sit down and meditate, “GAU-RA-ANG-GA…” Smart! You are doing something intelligent. You have to maintain this lifestyle.

We can go on and on but that’s the main point always: I’m not the body, I’m spirit soul, part and parcel of God, the Supreme Soul. This world is not my home. I’m a temporary resident. My real home is in the spiritual world. That is where I will find the true piece, love, happiness, satisfaction that I’m looking for.