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But now we are in this world, in these bodies. So we need to learn how to take care of our bodies, what to do, how to take care of it. And one of the main activities that we must do to take care of the body is to eat. Everybody knows that. We need to drink and we need to eat. That’s the fuel that keeps the body going. So it’s arranged like that.

Remember last night we described there is a specific design of the body, there is a specific design of the systems in the body. It works a certain way. Designed by God, created by nature.

So if we learn that science of the proper care for the body, we can keep it in very good condition. The body is not designed to be sick. The body is designed to be healthy. But we, out of our ignorance and neglect, make it so it seems like it’s designed to be sick.

We need to learn what to eat. We need to learn many things but that is our subject tonight – food. Our bodies are designed to eat vegetarian food.

I also mentioned last night that every body has certain designated food. And everybody but the humans automatically knows what it is and eats it.


You’ll go to the cow:

-Oh, mister Cow, how are you today?

-I’m OK.

-All right. What will you have for breakfast today?

-I’m going to have some grass.

-And how about lunch?

-Oh, I’m just going to chew on my breakfast.

-And what about dinner?

-I think I’ll have some grass.

Simple life. They know what to eat. See, every animal knows what to eat. And they eat it. Some animals eat leaves from certain trees. The koala in Australia, he only eats leaves from the Eucalyptus tree, that’s all. That’s his food, it keeps him very healthy. Etc. The animals, they are pretty smart, they know what to eat.

Man, who is supposed to be so intelligent, so superior, has no idea what to eat. So we eat all the wrong things.

So the truth is in the Vedas. The Vedas tell us, “You are a human. This is what your food should be.”

See, we can argue back and forth, again and again:

-Oh, my opinion is, you should eat meat.

-Oh, my opinion is, you should not eat meat.

Argue, argue. One group of doctors say, “Oh, you must eat meat to be healthy.” And there are some other doctors, “No, no. If you eat meat, you will not be healthy. You must have vegetarian diet.” Opinions, research:

-Oh, we have research that proves…

-And we have research that proves…

So what is the truth?

Go to the Vedas, go to the source of truth. The Vedas are the words of God. He is the Designer. He designed this body. And so there very clearly it says, “For humans – vegetarian diet.” So, really, that’s the end of the argument.

But not very many people accept the authority of the Vedas. They say, “It is just another book, another opinion.” So just take a look at the human body, how it’s constructed. We are going to compare the body of a human body to the body of a carnivore that eats meat. By nature carnivores eat meat; this is what they eat. So what do we find? There are herbivores and carnivores. Where does the human fit?

Herbivores eat vegetable matter. They have a certain arrangement of teeth. What do they have? They have a lot of molars, grinding teeth. They have incisors to bite and then molars to grind, chew, chew, break it down.


What does a carnivore have? No molars. Canines, long ones, so it can tear big hunks of meat from the deer, or from the antelope, or whatever, and swallow it. See, no chewing. That’s the way they eat, it’s designed like that.

So, obviously, we are designed for vegetables because we have molars and little canines. Unless you’re Dracula – then you got big vampire canines. But we are not vampires. So that’s the beginning of the understanding of what food is for us.

Also, in the human mouth, as we chew, there are a lot of enzymes in the saliva, a lot of acid buffering agents. Digestion starts in the mouth. The food is beginning to break down and be alkalized in the mouth before you swallow, and then you swallow.

So what is the next in line after we swallow it? The stomach, of course. In the carnivore stomach the acid, or acidity, is so high that it breaks the meat down. It’s like it breaks it down with this strong acid, quickly. In the human stomach – very little acid. If you are healthy, there is almost no acid, just a little bit, way in the lower part of the stomach. That is when you are healthy, which very few people are. But, anyway, there are, again, obvious differences: high acid for the meat, but not that way in the human for the vegetables.


And then where does it go from there? Into the intestines. Look at the carnivore’s intestines: very short, almost like a straight pipe. The food goes into the intestines and very quickly goes out; very minimal time in the body. But look at the human intestine. Small intestine: all kinds of little convolutions where the food goes in, absorption takes place there. The food slowly makes its way, goes around some turns, finally comes to the large intestine, goes through it down, and, finally, out – if you are lucky.

Most people are not so lucky. The number one over the counter drug is laxatives. The number one problem in the world is constipation. And constipation takes two forms: stuck and diarrhea. But it is not supposed to be like that.

When meat breaks down, immediately it begins to give off many toxins, and when vegetables break down – very few toxins. Put out a big red piece of meat in the sun and put out a carrot and an apple in the sun. Leave it there all day. Come back at the end of the day. The meat is rotten, “Ew, get rid out of it!” But here is the apple and the carrot – no problem. Eat the apple – warm, nice, eat the carrot – crispy, nice. Again, vivid example.


If this meat stays in my body, it’s going to poison the body, which it does, but the vegetables don’t. So this meat goes around and around and it takes up to three days for it to get out. Vegetables – 15-24 hours; everything moves through. But meat – slow; not good. For the human it takes three days for the meat to go out, but in these carnivores – just a few hours.

So, again, obviously we’re not designed for that: toxins poison the body. We’re always having to fight against this. The body is under so much stress simply because of what we eat. Everything you put in the mouth – the body’s got to deal with it.

So nature has designed many defense systems, emergency systems. Extra enzymes, extra alkalizing agents, detoxifying agents, systems to carry this poison out of the body, the lymphatic system, the liver, and all that. They have their job to keep things clean.

Those systems are overworked. They work overtime. If you eat the right food, it is very easy for the body. Everything is as it should be, everything is working nicely, and your body is under so much less stress. On and on it goes.

So this is just logical proof that the body is designed for vegetables and not meat.