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First I offer my respects to our spiritual masters. Independently we cannot be successful. But when we connect ourselves with the Supreme Lord and His perfect representatives, success is guaranteed. So always I offer my respects to our great masters.

Some people refer to me as a master. I’m not a master. I’m a student of my masters. And this is the way it is: every master never feels himself to be a master, he feels himself as the eternal student. There’s only one Master and that’s the Supreme Lord. And the others are masters of His service. This is real spiritual life, this is real spiritual knowledge.

Ok, to get us properly prepared for the presentation, we’re going to do our GAURANGA meditation. Remember mantras are spiritual sounds, they come from the spiritual world. They have spiritual power. Coming in contact with these spiritual sounds purifies us, they have a magical effect. So the more we arrange our life to come in contact with that sound, the better our life will be. We’re always trying to improve our lives. And we try many different ways. But this is the only way to truly improve your life. So let’s do that now.

Remember we breath in through our nose very slowly, gently and deeply and chant GAURANGA silently in our mind in a very soft and gentle way. See, the mind can also be very harsh or very soft. So now we want it to be very soft, very quite. When our body’s filled with air, we begin to exhale and out loud we chant:


Again soft, gentle. Then we repeat it: inhale, chant GAURANGA silently in the mind, exhale, chant GAURANGA out loud. Mantra meditation. As we do it, we meditate on the mantra: hearing the mantra, putting the mind on the mantra, all the while remaining relaxed. There’s no way we can overestimate the value of relaxation. So we can practice relaxing. We’re going to take a big breath, let it out, relax, and begin the meditation. Ok, everybody ready?

Sit erect in your seat if you can, this helps us to breath. You can be erect and relaxed at the same time. One more thing. When we finish, sit quietly for a couple of moments and feel the effect. Keep your eyes closed. Stay in that little world that you have just been in. Stay there, relax there, feel comfortable there.

All right, here we go. Everybody take a big breath, let it out and relax. Now very slowly, gently and deeply inhale and chant GAURANGA in the mind:



Again it becomes very obvious: this is an easy meditation to do, but it’s very profound, very powerful. So practice it on your own. Don’t learn this valuable meditation and then just put it on the shelf. The secret to yoga is: applying the teaching. It’s one thing to learn the teaching. It’s the next thing to apply it. We have so many problems in our life: struggling with our desires, our minds, also, of course, our bodies, struggling with other people, relationships, on and on. We need a quiet place to go. We need some place to rest, some shelter, some protection. The mantras are all of that and more. So go to that place where the mantras take you. Rest there and you will find your life is very different.