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Question: How did it happen that we lost our connection to the Supreme Soul?

Answer: It happened due to envy. In this world there are six things that are known as our six enemies. One of those is envy. Envy is our enemy. It is our original enemy because we became envious of God in the spiritual world. We wanted to be number one, to be the enjoyer, to be the lord, to be the master, the controller, etc. Because we have all the qualities the God has as we are parts and parcels of God. However we possess them in minor quantities. But nonetheless that tendency’s there. So I want to be the lord.

But the spiritual world does not offer this facility because the Lord is already the Lord there. So He allows us to come into the material world, the world of forgetfulness of God, and thereby try to fulfill our fantasies: I am number one, I am the controller, I am the enjoyer, I am the center. And that’s the game we play. The whole world is filled with people playing the same game. That’s why there’s so much envy, jealousy, greed. It’s just trying to be who I’m not. I’m not number one. So I’m playing a false game under a false identity and pay the price.

But immediately when I come in, there’s knowledge available, «Hey, you made a mistake. You are not number one. The Supreme Lord is Number One and you are His servant. And until you come back to that correct relationship, you will struggle.» So it’s up to us to choose. Do we want to continue to struggle? Or do we want to come back to our correct consciousness? And the path of yoga is the path that takes us back to that perfect consciousness. The path of Bhakti yoga leads us directly to the Supreme Lord.


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