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So He gives us all that information. So we learn this and then we might decide “ok, I want to do that’, so you can see how it is a progression. Until ultimately I come perfectly in harmony with the will of the Supreme Lord.
It might start way back harmonizing more with my body, giving it the right food, not putting junk inside it, exercising properly, sleeping correctly, on and on, harmonizing is on a base level, but it is harmony. Harmonizing with nature. Gradually I might turn to harmonize with others, and on and on it goes.

And ultimately I might come to the conclusion all the harmony is incomplete until I harmonize with the Supreme Person, very advanced stage of understanding. And then out of all of this will come ultimately a loving relationship. Because if you harmonize on the highest level, that automatically means a loving relationship with the Supreme Lord. Automatically, not like maybe, because that is the ultimate harmony, the harmony of love, and service, serving with love the one I love.

God already loves us. There is no question about that. ‘ Does he love me or not?’, that is in this world. ‘Does he love me or not?’ that is always a little source of anxiety in our relationships with others. While with the Supreme Person, that is not even a question. He does! So that is already there, so half the relationship is already perfect, very good. Now all I have to do is make the other half as it should be. So gradually I develop that care, concern, appreciation, desire to please, and ultimately love for the Supreme Personality.

And now I am in perfect harmony with every every every thing. Not like harmony on the highest level, and disharmony below that. And that is perfection. The spiritual world is already that world. It is already there, it is already happening. We came into the world of disharmony from that perfect condition. And gradually, as we develop this perfect relationship, we will also bring more and more harmony to this world, as an individual. The more individuals that are in this condition the more harmony they will bring everywhere.
This is the only solution. There is no other solution. All the other so-called solutions have been tried and are being tried, and they have not been successful, because they can not be.