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So yoga teaching is absolutely necessary. If you do not know it, you are not going to know what to do in life. As I say, as soon as the material world is created, there is this knowledge given, it is always been here, it is not like it is something new. From the moment of creation to the moment of annihilation the knowledge is available. So we can not say ‘well , there was no knowledge here’.

The only problem is, we do not have any interest in the knowledge, this is the problem. Gradually, we develop interest, and obviously you guys are, or you would not be here; you have some interest in something, connected with what is given in yoga, you can build on that interest. First it is stretching, bending, so I can loose weight, and look younger, and feel better, and be a better athlete, or whatever. Alright, great, that is good, because it connects you with yoga, the teachings of yoga. Unfortunately many Hatha yoga teachers do not know anything either, except Hatha asanas. But anyway, there is the introduction now to another dimension of education, knowledge, life style. So you build on that. Gradually, gradually, some people do it more rapidly, some not so rapid. Remember we are eternal spirit souls, that means we do not die when we leave the body. So if I developed a little bit of understanding in this life, I will be given a chance to continue that education in my next life. There are all kinds of compensation made to help us.

And ultimately we learn more and more about what a spirit soul does with her life. And then we learn more and more about the Supreme Soul, that we are his parts and parcels, his children, you see. We learn more about what He wants his kids do. Every parent wants their kids to do things, right? Often times the kids do not want to do what their parents want them to do. But there is no parent who has not some desire for his kid. Well, the Supreme Parent, the perfect Supreme Father, has some things He wants us to do, that will help us to actually experience true happiness.