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The one activity that I can as an individual choose to do that will bring me in the most harmony with God and His children is chanting the Holy Names, chanting God’s names. There is no other activity that is superior to this. This is declared by God Himself.

He has said ‘this is what I want you to do. If you only do one thing that I ask you to do, do this’. ‘And if you do this, then I will be very pleased’. This is very very important information, because now I know what I can do.
Sometimes it is confusing, I hear all this about pleasing God, and harmony, and on and on, but I do not know what can I really do. Pet my dog more, plant a tree, I mean what can I do, go do some volunteer-work? What is the best thing? Now we know. Chant the Holy Names. It is so easy, so simple, but it actually connects me with the Lord and His will.

So we are always encouraging people, find time in your life, find some time to do this. And if we do it, the rewards are amazing. So we are always trying to make it very available to people. That is what we are going to do now. We are going to chant these mantras. We have all kinds of opportunities: classes, kirtans and gatherings, personal instruction and all kinds of things. So if a person has some interest, we are happy about that.
Now we are going to do our sankirtan. Sankirtan brings people together. It does not matter what your background is, are you rich, are you poor, are you educated, are you illiterate, are you from this nationality or that nationality, are you young, are you old, it does not matter, just chant! This is the problem: In this age now everything is divided. Just bring it all together, it is the Great Harmoniser. This is most pleasing, and will bring you great pleasure.

Try to just relax and flow with the mantras. Do not try to do anything (do not try to sing good, do not try to sing bad), just chant. Nice to try to have a light heart. That means forget all your problems, your concerns, your anxieties, your fears or whatever, all that makes the heart very heavy. But this Yoga Sound, this Transcendental Sound, makes the heart very very light and very warm. Try to enter into that dimension.