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So we are very bright, very brilliant, but the result of all this brilliance is we are destroying nature, we are destroying ourselves, meaning our bodies, our minds you see, not only are we destroying our bodies, but our minds also. The mental condition of the human race today is very very bad.

I saw recently that one out of every 13 children in America is on some kind of psychotic or psychotropic drug, prescribed by physicians, to make them better. But the article went on to explain, and it is very logical, that any time anybody now has any kind of problem, some challenge in life, which we all do, now it is in the very young people; a little challenge in life, some disappointment, some depression, etc. , instead of being trained by responsible parents and teachers etc. , how to meet that challenge, how to overcome that challenge, develop some inner strength, some vision, see beyond the immediate problem etc., instead of that just give them some pills, some drug. This will make you feel better, this will take care of everything.

So people are growing up completely weak internally. So physically we are weak, mentally we are weak, and we have no direction, where are we supposed to go. Because we are not following the right guidance, we are not acquiring the right knowledge. We are very educated, but very illiterate about life.

Because the ‘absolute knowledge’ of yoga has been lost, abandoned. Nobody is following that. People are simply following blind people. The blind leading the blind, you see. And the blind people have various degrees to prove ‘they are the ones to listen to’. But you can see the result. What does it say, ‘one can judge the kind of tree by it’s fruit’, I mean, is that not correct? You can, right? So the tree of life, you can judge that tree, let us say the tree of modern life, by the fruit: anxiety, depression, physical diseases, mental diseases, devastation of the environment, ever increasing conflict among individuals, among countries, among ethnic groups, among genders, among nations, so this is the fruit. You can not argue though as if it is not like that, it is very clear.