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We hear continuously about the precarious condition of the planet. How the planet is struggling and that if we do not change the way we are living and relating to nature etc., that we are going to make it so that human life can not exist here. So the environment is in bad shape. God did not create an environment that was in bad shape. He did not create polluted streams, contaminated air, contaminated genetically modified food, and all the other symptoms of an environment not treated correctly. So much disease today, especially among humans.

I was thinking just a couple of days ago: The one species on this planet that has the most health problems is humans, right? You do not see all these animals walking around blowing their nose, lining up because they all got cancer and they have to get some treatments. And really, if you think about it, the veterinarians, the animal doctors are basically treating domestic animals. That means under the care of humans, you see. So the humans have made it so their pets are sick, ‘oh I have got to take them to the vet’. And all the deer and the squirrels, there is a squirrel there right down in these trees, I have seen him a couple of days. He is doing fine, you see. He is not up there saying, ‘oh I’m sick, can you help me out’. He is doing ok. The squirrel will have his offspring, and they will grow up ok too. Unless they eat too much human garbage left around. Then they will have a problem. Then they will be sick. So it is very clear, the problem is not with those guided by natural instincts, they live the life they live because by nature they are told what to do and they follow, you see.

The problem is the ‘advanced’ species on the planet, those walking around with two legs, and fancy clothes, and nice degrees, big educations, the ‘smart’ species, the advanced species, who have no idea what to do. You see, we do not know what to eat, we have created all kinds of artificial food, processed food, now we can genetically modify foods, so it lasts for months on the shelves, is resistant to all the pesticides, etc. etc. We can put fish-genes in tomatoes, so you eat a tomato, actually you do not know but you are eating some fish. We are very creative.

Recently I learned that autoimmune diseases, that is the newest area of disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, all kinds of different unique diseases where your immune system attacks your body, those autoimmune diseases have increased 400 %, since genetically modified food was introduced 20 years ago. That is advancement! We are very clever.

We do not know how to harmonise, we do not know how to live. We got amazing abilities, advanced intelligence, advanced mental capacity, advanced dexterity, so we can do all kinds of things with our hands, put all kinds of things together, and we have done it. It is amazing, how people must sit around and just think about ‘what can I do to make something that is already natural artificial’. How can I make something that is absolutely bad for you taste like something that is good for you. And they are very good at it. They have done well.
Look at the ingredients on the back of any product that is processed, and you can not imagine how they could even think of all those things to put in that product. It has 50 ingredients, 25 different E-numbers, like .. man, how did those guys even think about putting all that stuff in there?