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And the problem is, we are not following the Vedic lifestyle that is prescribed very clearly. When God created the material world, he also included, as part of that creation, the knowledge of how to live here to actually have the best possible chance to have a calm peaceful life in the material world and go back to the spiritual world. That is the whole scheme.
The material world was not created for us to enjoy. People say, oh well, if it is so bad here we are not supposed to be here, then what is the material world for? I mean, what is all this? It is a place where we wanted to come to try to be independent, try to be the enjoyer. Independent of God. He created the material world to satisfy our misused independence and freedom of choice.

But he says, ok you made a mistake, this is a mistake in the beginning, but here is how you can live in this world so that you can actually realize your mistake. And while you are there, make some progress, minimise your material pain and suffering, develop respect for the planet (and there are many planets by the way, but we will keep it on this planet), and respect other living entities, they have their place here too, you see, everybody is here for the same reason, just in different degrees of covering. According to the law of karma different people are in different bodies, different positions, but they have their life to lead there too. So respect that and actually understand that the goal of the human form is to make spiritual advancement. Economic development is ok. That is provided for in the yoga system, but not as an end in itself.

It is simply a part of human society to utilize the natural ingredients provided in a correct way so that all the necessities of life will be provided for. And there is guidance in how to do that. There will be all the things necessary, food, shelter, recreation, enjoyment, all types of relationships to give one the fruit of that relationship, but all done in the proper way. So everybody benefits. This is the Vedic teaching. But at the same time realizing that this is not the ultimate goal, and parallel with that economic development there must be spiritual development. They go together, with proper understanding of the position of each one, and what is the priority, what is more important. And where is real happiness to be found. All this is part of the knowledge that we must have to have a successful life.