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Before I speak I always offer my respects to my Spiritual Master.

There are many parts to yoga and most people think of yoga as Hatha Yoga. And certainly this is the most popular aspect of yoga today on this planet, and it is certainly beneficial, this is becoming more and more popular mainstream, but that is just the beginning, not the end.

The word yoga means union, and it is specifically referring to union between the individual person and the Supreme Person. This is the perfect union. And we know from our experience in this life that the more close a union is between two people then the better the relationship.

God is present in many many different aspects, and of course one of those aspects is the material dimension. Sometimes, if you ask a person, who is God, or what is God, they will say ‘everything’. That is correct. You can not say that is not correct, it is correct. Because everything comes from the Supreme Person. So all this material creation, which is made of material energies, certainly that is non-different than God. Therefore, included in yoga, union with God would mean ‘uniting’ or ‘in harmony with’ the material nature, the material energy.

The teachings of yoga teach us how we should properly relate to and harmonise with nature. How we should harmonise and relate with our own bodies, etc. See the whole system of yoga is about harmony. However, you can experience in your own life and see in the world today there is great disharmony. You see so much chaos, so much confusion, so much upheaval in the world. You can take any aspect of life as we know it and you find so much disturbance.