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A little child, small, 2 years old, where is their protection? In their parents, right? They are always hiding behind the legs of their father, or running to their mother, they venture away, then something happens, oh, they run back. Automatic, right? Because mum is protection, or dad is protection. ‘I am very brave, I am very bra… oh, I am back’. Because they know, this is my protection. Of course, it is very limited, temporary, but in their life, at that time, this is their shelter.

So we are eternally children of our Supreme father. We do not grow up, that is an illusion. We think we grow up. Oh, I used to need God, but I don’t now, I am stronger, whatever, or maybe I never even had that experience. So we always need that shelter. And this is that shelter.

So in our theatre, there is a mask, a mask with many different faces, everybody is wearing a mask, it is called the mask of false ego, and they have different faces, like in the theatre, but in essence they are only different sides of the same mask, all the same. One problem in life, or another illusion here, I am young, I am healthy, I am a mother with kid-problem, or I am a businessperson whose goal is to be successful, that will make me happy, but it is all the same, it is all part of the illusion. All the masks look different, but they are the same. And the price in the theatre was very cheap, one unit, oh only one unit, oh. Certainly, for that price I will take it, yeah, it is so cheap. But, what we do not realize is it only costs one unit, but that unit is your life. The masks are cheap, but it cost us our life.

So in the theatre there was the wise person, who came with knowledge, and gave each ‘mask-person’ truth, that could relieve them from … truly relieve them from their difficulty, that is the Spiritual Master. He comes, he sees us, he does not wear a mask. In the theatre, oh, I used to have a mask, but I took it off. So the Spiritual Master is the Knower of the Truth, and all this wisdom he wants to give us, to help us; this is his mission, his desire. He is the greatest welfare worker.

But he cannot help us if we refuse his help. The Supreme Lord has arranged it so now we have His Holy Name, Lord Gauranga, known as the mercy-incarnation of God. He came and brought the Holy Names as the solution. This is your help, this is your salvation, this is your protection. This is your happiness.

I have been focussing more on the protection, because … one-step at a time. But there is more, the protection is just like kind of a side-effect, but the main offering from the Holy Names is happiness, pleasure. It is not just about protection, it is about what will actually bring my life to a true level of happiness. The masks will not do it. As in the theatre each person had discovered, the mask did not work.