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How do you cleanse the heart? The Supreme Lord tells us exactly how to do that. He says, “If you chant My names…” The Supreme Lord has many, many names, an unlimited number of names. They’re all endowed with His spiritual potency. He says, “If you chant these names, it will cleanse your heart of all the dust accumulated for years together, all the karma, all the illusions, unwanted desires; it can be cleansed away.” He says, “It extinguishes the fire of lust.” It’s described in Bhagavad Gita that lust is like a blazing fire. The Lord’s names extinguishes that fire. Chanting these names, that is how it’s done.

It’s a very, very simple process. You’ve just engaged in this activity. We chanted in the beginning this mantra GAURANGA. This is spiritually potent, spiritually purifying, it cleanses the heart. So, you take these mantras, you add it into your life and that heart which was so contaminated and only produced lust becomes pure and radiates love for everybody. This is true, it can’t be wrong because the Supreme Lord declares it.

This age we live in now is so difficult, but we can overcome all these difficulties with this technique. And as we all intuitively know, if our hearts are filled with love, everything is ok, everything is ok. My life is filled with hard times – it’s ok. Physical hard times, financial hard times, old age comes – all these things, natural events always taking place in our lives. It’s ok, because we’ve got a platform of love, we’re standing on solid ground. And we get our pleasure from bringing this gift to others also.

And when we leave the body, we go back to the world of pure love. And really, if we were truly experiencing this cleansing of heart, we are in that world while still here. The world is up and down: pleasure-pain, happiness-distress… But we’re on a steady platform. It’s going on around us, but we’re on a steady platform. In America, I don’t know how it is here, there’s a saying: “Get a life!” So, this is the life that we are looking for. So, it’s achievable, it’s doable, this is not just wishful thinking. Anybody and everybody can do it.

So, that is the goal in life, really, for the human form. That’s what we should see as the real goal. We have these other goals, that’s ok. But the real goal which we should connect everything to in achieving this is love for God. That’s real life. This is the only way to overcome lust and all the things which come with that.

So, those are the ideas.

We will give you a chance to ask questions but before we get to that part we are going to do another simple meditation. These meditations are food for the soul. This is what we’re missing, food for the soul.

So, in the package there is one more card with mantras, different mantras. The first one is:



Again, we ask you to repeat this with me to get our pronunciation correct. I will say, you respond. Again, everybody ready? All right.


Very good. The technique is different. You already know the technique. It’s called singing. Everybody knows how to sing. I know you do. So, I’m going to play guitar and sing the mantras while you listen. Then you sing the mantras while I listen. So, it’s back and forth, like this. As before, we want to relax and meditate on the sound. So, just relax, chant out loud, meditate on the sound, and we’ll have a nice time.


Thank you very much. This is called sankirtan, can be a lot of fun. And tomorrow night we’re going to have a complete presentation on this mantra meditation. So, we invite you to join us, bring a friend, bring an enemy – bring them all.