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Are there relative souls according to the Vedic literature? Why are you so confident in existence of the soul? Give proof.

We’re all relatives. We all have a common Father. So, therefore, we’re all relatives eternally. That’s the true understanding. In this material world in our different lives we come together with certain individuals for some time and then we part our ways. We’ve had unlimited number of relatives and unlimited different kinds of bodies. But on the spiritual level, eternally we’re all children of God.

The soul… How do I know? Various ways. One, to know the truth you must accept the truth from higher authorities. See, the scientists can’t figure it out with experimentation. They’ve been trying to do that from the beginning; they can’t do it. So, basically, this kind of approach leads to atheism: there is no God, there is no soul, we’re the body, when it’s over – it’s over. But it doesn’t coincide with our heart. See, who is loving here? The bodies are loving? Not really. See, it’s much deeper than that. So, the more you practice these teachings and become more and more cleansed, thus realized, the more you experience who you really are, a spirit soul. So many people leave their bodies and come back into the bodies, millions of recorded clinical deaths and so on. They’re outside the body looking at the body. So, they know they’re not the body.

All kinds of different ways one can understand this truth. But the wise person simply understands this message of truth coming from the Supreme Lord through His representatives is true. And it will eternally prove to be true.