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There is the Supreme Person, which I have mentioned, the Supreme Lord; He is where we come from. We are a love particle only because we come from the Reservoir of love, Love personified, the Source.

This is what all the true teachers and all the true scriptures have told everyone who would listen, “Love the Lord, love God, and love the Supreme Person. This is where you should direct your loving propensity.” The temporary love in this world will not satisfy you, it will not do what you want it to do, it cannot. It is not that it will not, it cannot. Whereas if we direct our loving propensity to the Supreme Lord, we establish the relationship with Him, that makes this exchange of love very real, everything is solved, it is all perfect.

That love is perfect. Lust is imperfect; it is just a masquerade, it is not true, it is not real. It looks like love but it is not. That is why it is said in the Vedas, “What starts out as very, very sweet, often times becomes very, very bitter in the end.” That is material life, very sweet in the beginning, very bitter in the end. Whereas true spiritual life, which relates to love, may start off even bitter. Just to my ears, “I don’t even want to hear it,” so it’s bitter to my ears. “Love God – that’s some religious stuff. I don’t want to know about that, I don’t believe in God, I don’t believe in churches, I don’t believe in religion,” whatever. So it is bitter to my ears, right?

Many people leave lectures when I got to this point, the doors went, “Whip, whip, whip.” (Makes steps sound, laughing) This is not what they want to hear, but this is what they need to hear; it is what we need to eventually accept. This is the only, only thing that will actually solve our problem of no love, and that is the biggest problem you could have. All the other problems don’t even count compared to the problem of no love, because that is who I am. I cannot exist without love, which is why we feel like we are dead.

It starts out bitter but as I follow this path of love, real love, and it is very, very vividly described, perfectly outlined how to do this in the yoga teaching, bhakti yoga, I actually find more and more attraction, more and more sweetness. What I couldn’t believe would actually be attractive to me now is, and it just increases at infinitum until it becomes sweeter and sweeter and sweeter, and my life becomes more and more complete, more and more happy, more and more satisfied. I have a smile on my face, face in the heart (shows at the heart), not this face (shows at the face), it will reflect on this face, but this (shows the heart again) is where we need to smile.

A clown has a smile here (shows at the mouth), so we walk around like clowns, “Ha-ha-ha!” And to make sure we are ha-ha-ha we drink a lot of alcohol, we take a lot drugs, “Ha-ha-ha!” Life is ha-ha, funny. We have our little things on the Internet; we put on our little happy faces, “Doo-doo-doo-doo,” you know, little smiley face. Not many of those which are sad, but he-he. “Think positive, it’s going to get better, smile a lot, brush your teeth so your smile looks good.” It doesn’t make the heart smile, you see.

We are trying to be happy but we are not. “Oh, I am happy, I am happy!” Ok, what makes you happy? Then we give our formula for happiness. “Well…” and list all these things, “I paid all my debts, and it’s not raining today, and my boss left town, and my wife didn’t wake up when I went to work this morning, and I don’t have indigestion. Yeah, I am happy.” Take all that away, are you still happy? Your wife did wake up, you do have indigestion, and your boss chewed you out because of all your mistakes, etc. Are you still happy? “No man… not.”

“I won the lottery!” Interesting. “Oh that will make me happy if I win the lottery!” That is why people buy tickets, right? They don’t buy tickets to be sad; you don’t spend your money on lottery tickets to be on a bummer. “Maybe I’ll win and that will make me happy!” But they’ve done studies of all the lottery winners and most of them said they wish they’d never won the lottery, their life got worse, not better, so there is only one solution. We can look and look innumerable lifetimes, remember that we are eternal spirit souls; it doesn’t end. If I don’t make it this lifetime, I can continue to look in my next and the next and the next, there will always be places to look, but I won’t find what I am looking for.

When I actually turn my gaze and I direct my loving propensity… that is what we do when we try to love, we are gazing, right? “Ooh” (shows gazing look) when I turn my gaze to the Supreme Lord, when I give my ears to this truth, when I begin to accept this truth, then I can actually realize this truth more and more, it is an experience and my heart now will become soft.