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We don’t let love into our life because we’ve been through this too many times. Our hearts have been broken, our hearts have been smashed. So each time we build another layer of protection, another shell, we are protecting ourselves so our hearts become very, very hard.

Why the heart? Because we, the spirit soul, are located within the heart, this is where we are in the body. We are in this body but where? In the heart, that is why all this is felt in the heart. The joys and the pains, etc., are always felt in the heart, because that is where we are, we are the experiencers.

You get your heart broken, right? Love affair splits, “Oh, my heart is broken,” and you hear it, “Oh, he broke my heart. I am dying of a broken heart.” You don’t say, “Oh, he broke my foot. Oh, he left me and broke my foot.” (Laughter) Unless you kicked him as he went out the door (shows, laughter) and then he broke the foot, “Oh, she broke my foot.” But along with the foot came the heart, “Aaah!” We cry from the heart, that is where we are; we are in the heart.

But again, to protect ourselves we are more and more very reluctant to give our heart to somebody, so we are kind of closed. We’ll give our passion, we’ll give our sweetness and our romance, etc., etc., but the heart – no. No, not going to do that, it is too painful. I remember a person told me she had been through a couple of broken hearts and she said, “I can’t do this again, I can’t do it again; it’s too painful.” That is reality; that is exactly the truth. We are experiencing the truth, but the propaganda is ‘Love, Love, Love’. So we try, because we don’t know what else to do, we are driven by this need. We don’t know what else to do so we try again.

But finally maybe we give up on humans. “I’ve already been there and it’s too tough, I can’t do that.” So we get a dog (laughter). “I love my dog.” And it is much easier. “Wow, that was easy, I should have done this to begin with.” (Laughs) In fact, you can experience the dog loves me more than my wife, you can do a test with this, and there is a good test. You want to know if your dog or your wife loves you the most? Or you can reverse it and say the dog or your husband, whichever way, whichever side of the fence, you know. Take your dog and take your wife and lock them both in the trunk of your car (laughter) and go away, come back 8 hours later, open up the trunk and see which one is the most happy to see you (laughter). And you’ll know which one loves you the most (laughter), but if you try it, don’t blame it on me! (Laughter)

So you have got your dog, “Oh my dog, I love him and he loves me. I don’t have to do much, just take him out for a walk.” Cats are even easier… but then what? The dog dies and your heart is broken again because you gave your heart to your dog and now your heart is broken again. What do you do? You go and get another one; it is impossible to give up.

I remember one time I was working in a mountain town in Colorado doing construction on a little building, a patio for this home. There was a lady inside who I knew, it was a home management situation and she was cleaning the house. Her husband who I also knew came over, we were out there working on the patio, and he said, “Look, I am going into house now and if you hear some screaming don’t be surprised because our dog just got run over and I have to tell my wife.” So he went in the house and sure enough, “Aaaahh,” she was screaming and crying, and then he walked her out and put her in the car. Very sad, I was very sad. I was very affected in the heart. But then a few weeks later she has got a new dog and started over.

You can’t give up; this is the point, because that is who you are. You are the loving principle; you are a spark of love. So the idea that I am not going to love anybody is impossible, but the solution to all this frustration is to learn where true love is to be found.