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I was just talking to a young boy in Norway; I think he is 26 or 27, he came to several of our programs back to back, night after night. He was hearing more and more about this and practicing the Gauranga meditation we just did, we taught him how and he started doing that and some other meditation techniques we showed him. He came up to me after the third or fourth night and said, “You know, for the first time I am starting to open up my heart a little bit, when I was young, my mother never gave me love.” He didn’t go into a lot of detail about the relationship, but it was very obvious that it was not a loving relationship and therefore from that point on he had closed himself, meaning closed his heart, he wouldn’t open up and he was suffering because of that. When he heard and started practicing this teaching, just three or four days later, he could feel a change in his heart and he said, “For the first time I am starting to open up my heart.” And it continued. I was only with him for 5 or 6 times but in that short time he was talking more, he was opening up more, he was so relieved and he was feeling very different.

He said he lost himself for 7 years in video games. He didn’t even come up, he basically just went into the video world and he didn’t even raise his head, except to eat and maybe sleep. Why? Because it was an escape and many, many, many people are doing exactly this, it’s an escape. Everybody is looking for a solution to the pain of no love and we find it in one way or another, increase the lust. “Oh, that’ll do it.” It just burns me up. Watch pornography, “Oh, that’ll do it.” It burns me up, it’s more miserable than ever.

I am completely devastated by every attempt until I hear the truth. Like this boy, he was very, very receptive because now something made sense. Video games didn’t work and all the other techniques he had used didn’t work, now this made sense and he was beginning to experience something. Why? Because it was connecting him with God, that is why – very easy to understand. It is that broken connection that is the problem and the reconnection is the solution.

When we come into this world, the connection is broken; we’ve completely forgotten who we are, where we are from and what life is for. Life is for love, not lust. Life is for love, that is the only reason to live and that is the spiritual love that I am referring to. We can achieve this; this can be our real life.