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The love particle that we are has an obstacle between us and others in this world, it is called false ego. A little invisible layer of false identity surrounds us. When our love energy which radiates from us, all of us, radiates through this false ego, it comes out the other side, it is no longer love. It is not love, it is lust, and that is what we are taking to be love, this is what we think is love.

It is not love, it is lust. That is why love in this world causes the most pain, it doesn’t satisfy us. In this world, the one you love the most eventually often times becomes the one you hate the most. The people you have a casual relationships with, you kind of like them, you don’t hate them. But the person, “Oh, I love you, I love you, I love you!” And then the next time, “I hate you!”

Why? Because it is not love, it is lust. Lust means you owe me pleasure, this is what lust means. “You owe me pleasure, so the world owes me pleasure.” The whole world is functioning on this principle. Everyone and the world in general is looking for pleasure, that includes all the people and the environment; everything owes me pleasure. The love principle is pleasure, but in the lust transformation it is getting pleasure, it is not giving pleasure.

So we are expecting this pleasure, it doesn’t come as we want it, it doesn’t satisfy me when it does come, we are angry and therefore out of this comes hate. Dissatisfied. I contemplated this object; I knew it was going to make me happy, I got attached to this object of pleasure. Then this lust got bigger and bigger and it didn’t satisfy me, so now I am angry. Out of anger comes all this hate and unbelievably bad things, not good for anybody, it pollutes everything.

It is said in the Vedas anger pollutes everybody. It pollutes the entire being and those around you. Have you ever been angry? Of course, you have. When we are around someone who is really angry, you can feel the pollution, you just get contaminated by that. Even if you are not angry, you feel, “Wow, that was dirty stuff, man.” Nobody likes that, but we are forced into that because this love, lust in the form of love or love in the form of lust, however you want to look at it, demands we do this because it is the most powerful force.

You see, back to real love, love is the most powerful force. There is no force equal to love, no force. Even the Supreme Lord is controlled by love. So those who love the Supreme Lord, truly love the Supreme Lord, He is controlled by them. The Supreme Controller is controlled by love, and that is perfect. To be controlled by love is perfect but to be controlled by lust is absolute devastation.