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This world is called the material world and this is what we think is our home. The material world is composed primarily of material energy: earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence, etc. Material elements make up the material world. Inanimate: tables or microphones – there is no life.

But interjected within this vast amount of material energy are tiny little spiritual sparks. That is us, the spirit soul. We are the spiritual personalities in this material world. But again completely misled, completely under this illusion I am the body, I am the enjoyer, I am the supreme and whatever. All this false identity; so we have a big problem.

The spiritual world is a world made of what? Spiritual energy, there is no material energy there. It is called the Vaikuntha world. The Vaikuntha world means the world with no anxiety, “Vaikuntha” means “no anxiety”. Can you imagine a world with no anxiety? You don’t have to worry about anything because there is nothing to worry about.

Of course, some of us will say, “Gee, I don’t have anything to do!” We like to worry, if there is nothing to worry about, we are worried because I am not worrying. “Gee, I should be worrying about something, there must be something to worry about.” “Oh, there’s plenty, don’t worry!” (Laughs) Here we don’t run out of things to worry about. But in the spiritual world, the Vaikuntha world, there is nothing to worry about, there is no anxiety.

But that is not the ultimate solution. That is not what makes the spiritual world perfect. What makes the spiritual world perfect is that it is where I can experience positive spiritual happiness, pleasure, fulfillness, satisfaction and love. Love, that was the whole idea of this lecture, wasn’t it? Let love into your life. We are craving love, we need love, and love is our very essence.

If you break it down, down, down to who we are… We are not the body, we are not the mind; that is clear, and we get that out of the way, we are spirit soul. Ok, that is an amazing understanding. But then if we really go to the deepest level of understanding, we understand, “I, the spirit soul, I am not just spiritual energy, I am love. I am a little particle of love, because spirit is love.” It is not like love and spirit are separate. Love is synonymous with spirit so actually that is who I am. I am love. Why? Because I am a part and parcel of the Supreme Spirit. The Supreme Spirit known throughout the world as God, which so frightens people in a big way. “God? Hoo-hooh, I thought this is something else.” No. The Supreme Spirit from whom we come is love.

Have you ever heard that? “God is love.” Of course, but what does that mean? Is it just some vague whatever? No, it means the Supreme Spirit, the Supreme Person, who has many names, is love personified and we are tiny little love personified. That is who we are and the nature of love is pleasure. That is what we all know. The baby knows that, you don’t have to teach the baby that what he needs more than mother’s milk and warm clothes and nice environment and gucci-gucci is love. You take that away from the baby and the baby is devastated, he doesn’t have any reason to live.

Love is actually the only reason to live and that is why many people are not living and that is why people kill their bodies. Because there is no love, so there is no reason to live. The soul must have love to really fully live. But you can’t cease to exist so you live regardless. But when you are living without love, you are living in a void; you are really living in a hell. That is why we are so desperately trying to find love. “Oh, can you love me? Please love me.” We dress in certain ways to attract someone so they’ll love us. We do all kinds of things to our bodies, to send out that signal ‘love me, love me, love me’.

One time I had a gathering where there was a whole bunch of very alternate type people and I saw this guy who had a chicken bone through his ear. I know the game so I was thinking, “I wonder what he is doing that for because who is going to love him? I mean who is looking for a chicken bone in the ear?” Anyway, it had just gone through my mind. And then later I saw him with a girl who had a chicken bone through her nose. (Laughing) “Aha! Now I understand. Birds of a feather flock together. Bones to bones.” It all worked.

No matter what, the message is, “I want you to love me, look at me. I dye my hair green, purple, I cut it off, I do whatever I do. I tattoo, I don’t tattoo.” It’s all about ‘look at me, look at me, and love me’. And of course the idea is love my body, but it doesn’t satisfy us. “Oh, I really like you, you look just the way I want you to look,” and so on, all kinds of features that I like. But it really doesn’t satisfy the soul, it’s not love, you see.