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Question: Why are we embodied on this Earth? To glorify the Creator? (selfish)

Answer: You know, it’s a big question. But, again, in keeping with God’s arrangement, if we choose to live separately from God, independently of His will, etc., then we have to come into the material world, which He has created for us to try to be number one, to be the enjoyer, to be the lord, in other words, to play Him.

So in the material world all souls are in material bodies. We are known as embodied souls. And according to so many bodies, we have so many varieties of ways to try to enjoy the world. And, of course, they are accommodating suffering, you can’t avoid that. So here we are trying to be independent, to do things our way.

Just like the subject that we were discussing today. The God says very clearly, “This is how it should be, this is what you should eat. And not only that what you should eat, but before you eat it, you should offer it to Me. And if you do it, you’ll get greatly benefited.”

But we say, “No, I don’t like that system. I want to do it my way. I want to eat these foods. I’m not going to offer it to You. I don’t even know You exist. Who are you? This is my world. This is my life. I do what I want.” No problem. But we suffer.

So we are rebellious, we are very rebellious. We don’t want to harmonize, we want to be opposition to God’s pleasure.

The human form of life is to correct this, to give up this independent consciousness and once again become a cooperator who is harmonizing with God’s will, following His guidance, serving Him with our life, glorifying Him in our life, and ultimately returning to Him in the spiritual world.