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Question: I eat almost only cereals, fruits and nuts. I have a lot of diseases: strong headaches, spasms, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal tract hurts, irritability, subject to stress and emotionality.

Answer: Is that all? No, that’s not good. You’re way out of balance. You say you eat cereals but you don’t define what kind of cereals. It could be processed dry cereals in boxes which are all garbage, full of sugar and other things.

The fruits could be full of pesticides, herbicides.

And I don’t hear anything about greens in the diet. The body very, very much requires a lot of green vegetables. They are the very alkalizing foods.

Grains are acidic. Fruits can also be that way, a lot of sugar in fruits.

So one needs to eat a lot of green vegetables. And one should eat a lot of raw vegetables if it’s possible. Some of this is gradual; you need to work into it, not immediately.

I don’t know how much liquid you drink a day but you should drink at least 2 liters, preferably 3-4 liters of good water a day.

Vegetable juices are very good.

There’s obviously a lot of imbalance going on in your life, your body is obviously acidic. All these things you describe are results of high acidity in the body. So you need to go on an alkalizing regime.

There’s information on how to do that. I don’t have time to tell you now but there’s information available that will help you to take care of a lot of these problems.