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Question: Mushrooms?

Answer: Yes, it’s possible, but not the psychedelic ones. (Laughing)

But I will say mushrooms are not a good offering. If you want to take it to that level, they are not really a good food for the body.

Number one, they are in the mode of ignorance – they are not a good offering to God. Number two, they are fungus and introducing fungus into the body is also not good. Fungus and moulds in the body cause a lot of damage.
So, sure, you can eat them, but I can say it’s not the best. So it depends on how concerned you are with achieving of optimum level. The more we focus on satisfying our tongue, “Oh, I like this, I like this, I like this,” the more we find ourselves doing things which aren’t the best for us because we are controlled by our senses.

But when we also experience that when they become more and more clean when I’m eating correctly, the taste changes, and the taste that the senses used to enjoy so much, they don’t even like anymore. Along the way the taste becomes purified.