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Question: I am a doctor and as I know a human body has to receive all the existing amino acids from food. Four of them are called essential and are contained only in meat. How does the body of a vegetarian keep functioning without a supply of these four amino acids?

Answer: Well, I’m not a medical doctor, but I do know that you can get all the necessary requirements for perfect health from the vegetarian diet.

I personally have been a vegetarian for 42 or 43 years with absolutely no ill effects. I take no medications of any type, anything, I have never been to doctors. I have a daughter who is 31 who’s never eaten meat in her life. She is in very, very good health. She is a professional snowboard instructor, very active person, never eaten meat, fish or eggs in her life. And I know literally thousands of people who are vegetarians with no ill effects.

And I also know that God would not create a system in which He says, “Do not eat meat,” but as a result of His system, you could not achieve health. I will not accept that.

The Perfect Person creates the perfect system, He can’t be wrong. So regardless of what medical science may conclude, the Vedas have the different teachings.