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Question: What is yoga’s look at food combining?

Answer: It’s a science, but I can tell you from experience, you can go crazy trying to combine foods perfectly. It’s not really practical in many cases, “Oh, can’t eat this with this and this…”

If you are fully in control of everything you eat all the time, if you can adjust all this, it’s a good thing.

But I’ve found for me – I’ve been on every diet actually, almost, not on every diet but I’ve been on a lot – this alkaline diet takes care of everything. You don’t even think about food combining, balancing this and that. You don’t even think about this – it just all happens. It’s such a good complete diet, everything is taking care of: the doshas are balanced, the combinations are taken care of. To me it’s superior. And I’ve seen many people that said – “Such great benefit from it!”