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Question: If I am atma inseparable from Paramatma, why are atmas separated from each other?

Answer: Did you get that? Atma means soul. Paramatma means the Supreme Soul. Now, if the first part of your statement was true, then the second part of your statement would not be true. In other words, if it was true that we were not separated from the Supreme Lord, that would mean we would be in union, in yoga, in love. Then we would also be united with all His children in love. So there would be no separateness between individuals. But we are separated from the Supreme, technically – no, but consciously – yes. We have separated ourselves, created our world around our will. So therefore we’re already separated.
That’s the material world. It’s the place where people come to forget God, not serve God. We don’t come here to serve God, we come here to be God, to be number one, to be the enjoyer, the supreme. That’s separation.
And so we’re separated from each other because of the same mentality. We see each other as the body, not the soul. And I was just speaking about all the differences: the racial differences and the national differences, religious differences.
But when you truly come back in union with the Supreme Soul all those differences disappear. You become enlightened, you see with spiritual vision. You don’t see the difference, you see the union.