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Question: Which religion do you consider yourself to belong to?

Answer: Which cubby hole can you put me in? Which slot do I fit in? Christian? Hmm… Buddhist? Hindu? Muslim? Something else? Actually, none of those, and that’s where people get confused. “What?! We have to put you somewhere.”
No, it’s the eternal religion of the soul called sanatana-dharma. Sanatana means eternal, dharma means occupational duty. So it’s the eternal occupational duty of every soul, all souls, and that is loving service to God. There’s only one religion and that is love for God. There’s only one religious practice and it is serving God.
It makes it really simple, and you don’t have all these conflicts. All these sectarian beliefs cause separateness. The world is so fragmented now because of all these false identifications. So you have your fragmentation due to race, to nationality, to religion, to politics and on and on it goes. So everybody’s separate, no union. And that’s the problem.
But when you identify yourself as eternal spirit soul, part and parcel of the Supreme Soul, there’s no separation. Everyone’s the eternal servant of the Supreme Soul, no separation.
It’s got to be on that level for there actually to be peace. As soon as you see differences, you’ll find some discord.