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Question: What is the purpose of development in bhakti yoga and can it be called development?

Answer: It can be, yeah. That’s a good way to describe it. Development.

Bhakti yoga offers the ultimate perfection of the soul which is the soul returning to a perfect loving relationship with the Supreme Soul. This is what the soul must have to be ultimately truly happy and truly satisfied. And actually this is the message of all the perfect teachers that have ever appeared. This is the ultimate message of all the perfect masters, teachers. And so the process of bhakti yoga is the process of how to achieve it. So it is not just a philosophy but it is actually a journey to perfection cultivated, promoted and carried by the process and the guidance of the perfect master.

And chanting the mantras is just a potent way to achieve this. This is the number one activity for the soul to come back to perfection.

This is a big subject. All these things are big, big subjects.