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Person in audience #1: I have so many questions, one leads to the next, so I can ask endlessly.

Answer: You know what, if you just stay around and listen long enough, you will have all the questions answered. (laughs) Gradually all the answers come.

Person in audience #2: All the answers are inside…

Answer: Yes, it is a matter of opening the ears so the answers come in.

Person in audience #2: Could you tell us a little bit more about kundalini, about awakening of kundalini?

Answer: Kundalini. Hmm…

Person in audience #2: Yeah. What was your experience? How do you…

Answer: Well, you see, bhakti yoga is a little bit different than kundalini. I kind of started with the attraction to kundalini type yoga, that whole mystic kundalini concept type yoga. And of course in this bhakti yoga we clearly are familiar with kundalini, the philosophy of kundalini. Even if we hadn’t the kundalini full experience, we know about kundalini.

So let’s say you achieve absolute success in kundalini – which is almost impossible, in this age especially, it is not for this age – you are still short of the ultimate goal. You have achieved the goal, absolutely so. And it is the goal that most philosophies of yoga present as the final destination. But it is not the ultimate goal for the soul.

So, number one, it is not recommended for this age. Number two, kundalini can be very dangerous. It is not some walk in the park, “Oh, let’s do a little kundalini today.” I mean if you are seriously going to do kundalini, you have to understand what is involved and that there is a lot involved. And it is very difficult. And it is also, again, not the ultimate perfection for the soul. So we don’t recommend it. If the person wants to pursue this path, then we advised him to really find out what is going on. But the kundalini that is very popular today is not the real deal, not real.

So anyway that is a broad. (laughs) Just kind of ‘Whoosh’. I mean the details of the chakras and da-da-da-da, raising the life air… But, again, to do that you better be ready to die. Because that’s what it ultimately is – it is death. And not many people are ready for this. Very few.