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Question: Mantras and Christianity. Do they not contradict each other?

Answer: Another point you have to understand. Jesus Crist came to teach love for God. He was the perfect lover of God himself. He told everyone… he didn’t tell, he commanded everyone to love God with all your heart, your mind, your entire being.

Now, he is the person around which Christianity was formed which means his teachings are the foundation of Christianity. He taught that the names of God are hallowed, sacred. When you love someone, automatically the names of the one you love are on your lips.

So as far as the teachings of Jesus and his life’s example there is no contradiction, there is perfect harmony.

As far as some institutions’ understandings and teachings, I don’t know, it is completely different. So we don’t look at institutions. We look at Jesus and his words, his teachings and his life, and we see nothing but pure harmony.