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Question: In the soul there is warmth, there is kindness and understanding but also there is arrogance, pride. What to do?

Answer: The warmth and love and caring that you have mentioned is the natural function, condition of the soul, they are the qualities. The arrogance and the pride and jealousy, etc., is the contamination covering the soul. So as the soul becomes more and more covered by this contamination of material life, these qualities become more and more apparent.

So today in the world the arrogance, the jealousy, the pride, the lust, the envy – these qualities are on the increase. And the love and the care and the compassion, the mercy are being covered up.

So what is the solution? Purify the soul of the contamination. And chanting these mantras does it. They cleanse the heart of all these impurities that have been accumulated for lifetimes.

And even if we chant mechanically in the beginning because the mantras are potent, they will still be effective. And gradually these pure qualities will emerge.