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Now that you are a little more familiar with the teachings and the mantras and the technique, we are going to do them a little longer. And we are going to make an effort to enter into the meditations a little more deeply. Now we can think less about how to do it and more about the quality of how we are doing it.

Remember in our Gauranga Nitai-Gaur breathing which we are going to do first, breath slowly and gently but deeply into the lower abdomen. Totally relax the face, let all that tension from today go away, the eyes, the forehead, the jaw muscles, everything. The head sits on the shoulders but in a very relaxed way. The shoulders and the chest, again, no tension holding them up, let them fall, let gravity pull them down. Just that in itself is very, very beneficial.

And now we will add the mantra Gauranga Nitai-Gaur. Let’s all try to stay together, we are not going to make it too long or too short, let’s try to stay together in our mediation. And before we begin, we want to take a big breath, let it out and relax and maintain that relaxation throughout. And most important of all, let the mind relax and rest on the mantra.

Everybody take a big breath, let it out and relax. And now very slowly, gently and deeply inhale and chant Gauranga in the mind.

Gauranga Nitai-Gaur meditation.

Haribol. Ok, very good. For some of you it might be difficult even to sit quietly, we are so used to agitation. To do this meditation and sit quietly is a big effort for some people. It is an indication of our times. We are so disturbed in this modern life so we need to practice to relax and get comfortable with the transcendental sound. Let it wash us, let it bathe us like a shower taking away all this dust of material life and opening up the spiritual realm to us. So more and more hopefully we will appreciate this.

Again, it is a very nice way to start the day and a very nice way to end it. Take a walk into the forest, seat down and do the meditation. Or if you find yourself at home with nothing to do, do the meditation.