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The process of bhakti yoga is the system; this is the secret.

There is a big movement, I don’t know how popular it is here but in America it was very big. “The secret”. It started out as a book which became a number one bestseller, then I think they had made a movie of it, “The secret”. And people were so excited about “The secret” and maybe you are familiar with this. But if you are or aren’t, the secret that they revealed was how to get what you want materially. One young boy, he learned the secret and got a new bicycle. One man learned the secret and got a million dollar home. And everybody was so excited like, “Yeah, have you read the secret?” That is not the secret, that is the illusion. (laughs)

The secret is how to get out of the material world, return to the spiritual world. The world of true love, true happiness, eternity and pleasure. So the secret is right here. Bhakti yoga, Bhagavad-gita, that is the secret. If you apply that, then you really know that secret. And when you are convinced, you will be so anxious to tell other people the secret.

I think that is enough for today’s presentation. Another open secret is that time flies. You know why the crazy guy threw a clock off the top of the tallest building? He wanted to see time fly. (laughs/laughter) So we can see time fly at our lectures. And so at the end of our life, “Wow, is it over already? Gee, I just got my popcorn, man!” (laughs/laughter)

So anyway, the secret is do the meditations. That is what we are going to do now. We have learned out three meditation techniques: Gauranga Nitai-Gaur breathing, the japa meditation with the beads and the congregational chanting (sankirtan).