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All right, looks like we have a few questions here.

– Why don’t we remember our previous life?

– Some people do, most people don’t. We came to this world to enjoy separately from God, to be little independent enjoyers. But really there is no enjoyment here for us. Each time we take a new birth we have forgotten all the miserable difficult things of the past: the pain, the suffering, the heart break and on and on. Each lifetime we start afresh, “Oh, I am going to have a good time.” It is just to keep us in the illusion we want to be in.

How did we come to the material world from the spiritual world?

– Big mistake on our part. We became a little arrogant and envious and we wanted to be God. I want to enjoy, to be number one, the master of the world. Of course there is no facility for me to play that game in the spiritual world. God already has that position. So, He creates the material world for us to come to and try to fulfill that fantasy. So here we are until finally we may give up, realize, “Gee, this is not working”. Then just like all of you here tonight, we become a little interested in hearing the truth and allow ourselves to be guided by the Supreme Lord Himself back home.

– What does it mean “God is a person”?

– It means exactly what is says. We are people, right? So why can’t God be a person? Actually the only reason we are people is because He is a person. We are His children, we come from Him. All these are huge questions, I am just touching on these subjects tonight.  But He is the original person from which all other people come.

– How can I know what is my mission on Earth. Does it exist?

– Yes, and we still are thinking in material terms which is normal, because it is all we know. A few people think, “What is my mission, what am I here for, what is the purpose?” But the real purpose of the soul when he achieves a human form of life, which we have, is to use that human form and the facility it provides for spiritual realization. So that is the real mission, that is the real purpose of the human form of life.

– How can I radically change myself?

– You cannot change yourself, not really. But you can allow the Supreme Lord to change you. We are contaminated in so many ways, our hearts are very hard. We are in so much ignorance of the truth. When we become receptive to this knowledge and allow this knowledge (by applying it) to change us (which is not different than the Supreme Lord changing us), then the change occurs. I can tell you the mantras that will change your life. You have to allow them to do so. You have to chant the mantras and do the things that are required for the mantras to do their work. You have your part to play and the mantras have their part.

– If I develop attachment to the spiritual master, will it lead me to liberation? The spiritual master is in the parampara, disciplic succession.

– Well, the spiritual master must be a true bona fide spiritual master, the pure representative of the Supreme Lord. You become attached to him, not a personality attachment, like to him as a person but him as a pure medium, the supreme medium. You follow his instructions and become linked up.

– What does the soul do when it gets off the wheel of birth and death?

– Goes back to the spiritual world. Remember, we are eternal, we go somewhere. When you are off the wheel of birth and death that means true liberation, free from the material world. You go back to the spiritual world. You, the same person you are right now, you never change. We are all eternally the same person we do not become somebody else.

– Sometimes a person works hard but still has money only to fulfill their minimal needs. Is it right that we have only have a certain amount of resources for our whole life and it is determined according to our karma?

– Yes it is stated in one of our Scriptures – Sri Isopanisad that everyone has their quota. That the person should accept only that which is his quota, not trying to get somebody else’s quota. Some people have a lot of quota, so to speak, because of their karma, their past activities. Another person’s quota is very small. But according to Sri Isopanisad we should be okay with that, whatever it is. If we are struggling and struggling, just struggling to get more, and it is not coming, it is not our karma to have it. But we are lied to, we are taught to get more, get more, get more, be successful. Get more, get more and you will be happy. But it is all a lie, it is not true.

– Is it possible to realize my previous incarnations and how to do it?

– It is possible, there are different techniques one can use to do this. But we don’t recommend that. Number one, it is not going to help you. You know, in fact people who do remember their past lives, they are very confused people, they are very disturbed people. They are living in two lives, “Oh, well, I am not really this person. Really I am this previous person.” It is very disturbing. So again, we don’t recommend it. It doesn’t do you any good. The way is forward, not back. Basically, it is just curiosity of the mind.

– How can I not be attached to my son, husband, mum, grandma? Isn’t it natural?

– It is difficult for those who don’t have this spiritual understanding but as we apply this process we experience how it is possible to love somebody and not be attached to them. When we talk of spiritual attachment, attachment to God, this is meaning “love”. It is not just attachment, it is love. So when you love the Supreme Lord automatically you will love all others, including your husband, your children, your mother, your father and on and on. So you love but you are not attached. It is not this material attachment – that keeps you in great difficulty.

– Why does time start going faster when you are getting older?

– It is true. (The audience is laughing). It is not true but it seems like that because our perception is different. When we are young we just live for the moment more. We are not thinking about the future and the past so much. But as we get older things change and you start seeing the end of the tunnel. We have got more duties, more responsibilities, less time to do it, it seems like that, and on and on it goes. That is just the perception, that is all. Our perception changes but there are still 24 hours in every day.

– Why do people say “Haribol” when they meet each other?

– Because it is fun. (The audience is laughing). You know, “Haribol” is transcendental sound, it is spiritually purifying. When you say “Hello” it is nice, it is friendly, but it is material sound. It doesn’t really benefit anybody, spiritually speaking. But if your friend comes up and you say “Haribol” that is completely different. Now they are in the presence of transcendental sound, so you have actually helped them spiritually. By you saying it you get the benefit, by their hearing it they get the benefit. When you both say it you both get the benefit. So, everybody is benefited.

Okay time is up. Time flies, we are getting older. (The audience is laughing). We thank you very much for coming. Haribol.