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Because we’re so dependent on the external world, trying to satisfy an infinite need from a finite source, we’re absolutely depleting the planet of all the raw materials. We’re making it so there’s no clean water to drink, there’s no good food to eat, there’s no clean air to breathe. The things that are necessary to sustain life are becoming more and more in jeopardy.

The deserts are increasing; you all know the problems, global warming and all the environmental issues. Why? Why are they cutting down 20 square miles of rainforest every day? Twenty square miles of the lungs of the Earth per day, the rainforests are the lungs of the Earth. The Earth is built in a certain way designed by the Supreme Lord, and we, due to our advanced ability to change things, decided, “Oh, we’ll just cut the rainforests down and we’ll grow more cattle there. When the cattle destroy the land, then we’ll simply let it go to waste and erode away and all the topsoil will go. Then plant a little bit of soy beans.”

They’ve created the whole cycle to get the raw materials, the meat from the cattle, the lumber from the trees, the soy beans to feed to the cattle, and destroy 20 square miles of rainforest a day. And all the peoples’ homes that live in that forest, who cares who lives there? Kick them out; they don’t belong here. It’s more important in the prosperous countries of the world, America being number one; “we need these things for our happiness.” This is the problem: we’re trying to satisfy an infinite need, the desire for inner peace and satisfaction, from a finite source. Can’t do it, it only destroys things.

All the other people also have the right to live on this planet and be provided with the necessities for their life: all the animals, and the plants, and the little insects, and the fish, and the birds. All in the Supreme arrangement have their place, they have their position, they have their sustenance, their source of shelter and food, etc. We completely disrupt the whole thing and now everybody suffers. The humans suffer, all the other life forms suffer, and it’s increasingly worse because we’re not in any way concerned with the system as it is designed. We are the lord, we can change things to make it the way we want to satisfy our desires.