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What we’re going to do now to conclude the evening is to chant some more mantras and a different method, a different technique.

You have one more mantra card. It has two mantras on it. Everybody got your card out? Okay, the mantras are: HARIBOL NITAI-GAUR, NITAI-GAUR HARIBOL. And the second mantra: GOPALA GOVINDA RAMA MADANA MOHANA.

Transcendental sound. Let’s say each word again to make sure we have our pronunciations correct. Remember, I say it; then you respond. Respond good and loud like you did in the beginning. All right; here we are:



Great. The technique you already know, it’s called singing. Everybody knows how to sing. He’s a good singer, I know him. Ah, don’t be worried about the quality of your singing voice. This is not a talent show; this is meditation so I want everybody to relax.

I’m going to sing the mantra and you listen. Then you sing the mantra and I will listen. Back and forth like this – this is called Sravanam Kirtanam. Hearing and chanting, okay? And when I chant, you listen closely to the sound; when you chant, listen to yourself chanting the mantra. It’s all about hearing, hearing and chanting. Hearing is very important, meditating on the sound. And then if you do this, relax, chant out loud and meditate on the sound, you’ll have a nice experience.

Okay, everybody chant out loud because I like to hear the mantras, too. I’ve got an advantage because I have a microphone but you have an advantage in numbers, so it should equal out. All right here we go.


Okay, thank you. You guys sounded great. So that’s pretty much the presentation for this evening.