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This is the teaching of Bhakti yoga. That is why we are promoting this mantra meditation: because we know what it does, we know this is the Supreme Lord’s instruction. “Okay, you live in the most difficult age, Kali yuga. You’ve had a hard go just by being born in Kali yuga. You’re going to live a very difficult life, but this process is so easy that it can take you away, it can take you out of here.” So what do they say? “A word to the wise?” If we are wise, we accept the Supreme authority, God Himself. He is the authority and what He says has to be true. He is the source of Truth. It cannot be wrong, whereas every other source of information is plagued with the tendency to make mistakes, imperfect senses, the cheating propensity and so on. So this is the idea for tonight.

Yoga: amazing path, amazing journey, the path to inner perfection. That is inner perfection, spiritual happiness for the soul. Then it will be perfect.

And along the way you’ll find so many other improvements: your mind changes, your attitude changes, your aggression goes away, your anger diminishes, your anxieties and all the agitations. We have so many agitations; they diminish, you actually become calm. You become calm, you’re not so agitated.

Most of us are so agitated that we can’t sit down for a moment; we’ve got to turn on the television, got to listen to a radio:
-Go sit in a forest?
-What, are you nuts? I’ll go crazy if… Can I take my radio?
-Dat dat dat dat dat bmm.
In the forest: beautiful nature, streams running, birds singing and he’s got it on 10, “Boom Boom Boom,” got to bring the city to the forest. Crack the beer, “Yeah man, this is really good nature. Yeah, good air. Oh man, like this air.” We’re so agitated, we’re so much in the mode of passion.

But you take this teaching; apply it to your life, and things change. Really, it does. And you find, “Wow, this is better, this is better.” This was my personal experience, I found, “This is better.” People say, “Why did you do this?” Because it’s better. And then you go further, “Why did you do that?” Because it’s better than that; it’s better, right? Why not? The best is always the best. So that’s the idea.