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This is why we need to actually find love and not lust. But how do I do that? We have to understand what the source of love is and where real love is. All the pure teachers have taught this.

The source of love is the Supreme Lord. He is the reservoir of love. All love comes from Him. Why do we have a little spark of love within our hearts? Because we are part and parcel of Him. That part comes from Him. That’s like we have all these little parts and parcels so we have that little bit, too. And that’s another reason why you can never satisfy another person’s need for love. Because I don’t have much to give. I only have this tiny little bit and, even if I give it all to another person, it’s not enough.

It’s like if there are two people in a desert. And both of them have two drops of water. And they both are dying of thirst and they are looking around for water, and they need each other. One wants to help the other one (each one wants to help), “Ok, I will give you my water,” and give his two drops. “Oh, and I will give you mine. I will give you two drops.” Is two drops of water enough?
– Ok, wow, great, two drops, really good drops. But it’s only two. Have you got more?
– No, I gave you everything I have.

Both of you are in the same position, you are still dehydrated, dying of thirst. But if that person can take you to the oasis, now there’s no problem, you can have all the water. You get all the water you want and give it away to anyone else. No problem. You need water? Here is all you want, drink as much as you want because you are tapped into the reservoir. And that is how it is supposed to be.

We are the parts and parcels of the Supreme Soul. If you want to think about it in a more realistic way, the children, we are the children of the Supreme Lord. He is the Supreme Father, we are His children. If you are connected with the source, you are going to receive unlimited supply. So you connect with the Supreme Lord in this loving relationship, then this love flows into you like a river, fills your heart up to overflowing and you can give it to everybody.

Now with our two little drops we can’t love more than one or two people, maybe two or three, four, that’s all. That’s why we are so limited in how much we can love, “Oh, I love you. I’ll give you everything, but I got nothing left for him and him, and him.” That is why it’s very insular: me and my family, we love each other, we don’t have time, we don’t have energy, we don’t have love for the rest. You see, it becomes very insular like that.

But if you look at the great masters, the teachers who are tapped into the Source, what did they do? They gave love to everybody, they weren’t limited just to a few people: my wife, my husband, my kids, my friends, they gave it to the world, to the universe, “Everybody come, I want you to have what I have and I want to introduce you to the Source.” This is how it is. That’s why the first and foremost commandment of the great saint and teacher and lover of God, Lord Jesus Christ, said, “My first and foremost commandment is, Thou love the Lord Thy God with all thy heart, thy mind, thy entire being. And the second commandment is like unto it, Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

He said first love God. If you do that, you are filled with love, then you can love your neighbor, and your neighbor’s neighbor, and your friends, and your enemies. There are no enemies, you can love everybody, with no problem.

And because you are tapped into the source of love and the Supreme Lord has the ability to love you and everybody also, you are not afraid to introduce the One you love to other people. However, in the material world you find if you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend and you love them so much and they love you (if they do, whatever), you don’t want to introduce them to all your friends because somebody may take them away from you. You kind of hide them because, you know, if you introduce your beautiful girlfriend to all your friends, somebody may try to snake her. I mean they are going to come and say, “Hm, I like you, too. Hey, how about coming out with me? Forget this guy.” (laughs) So you are always defending your property, how many fights…
– I saw you looking at my girl!
– What are you, guys, fighting about?
– He looked at my girl. She is mine. Stay away.

Possessiveness, envy, jealousy. That all is coming from lust. We are so envious and jealous. It’s eating us up from the inside. The heart is harder and harder, anger is always present. This is the fruit of lust.

But the fruit of love is the opposite: joy, happiness, sharing, giving. You are already full, what do you need? Why do you need to get something? You already got everything. You are already full, just like you are full from eating a wonderful delicious feast. You are not afraid to get some of that food away because you’ve already eaten everything you can. And you want people to come, have, eat this, abundance is here. You are not worried about, “Oh, he is going to eat the last bit. I’m going not get enough.” You see, you have it all. You are full and you want them to be full, too.