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The mode of ignorance is dark, very dark. Some of the symptoms are intoxication, meat eating, lots of sleep, no ambition, just enough to survive. They are not trying to go anywhere; they are just on the bottom looking up. It is a very dark hellish mode, so that is not a good place to be. It is as if you are in a cloud; you’re just covered.

Then foods, and again, in the mode of ignorance, the number one is meat, completely in the mode of ignorance. It covers you up and it covers your consciousness. You can only go but so far spiritually if you eat meat.

Even if you are interested which most of the time they are not but even if they are they can only go so far. It is like, this is the ceiling, and you cannot go past that point. It’s just the way it is; it covers the consciousness. Meat eating makes people more aggressive. This is a big subject and I cannot spend too much time. The Vedas teach, “Do not do it”.

No intoxication, “do not do it”. It will cover you and make you a completely insane person; it will cover you completely.

And dark colors are mode of ignorance colors, like black. Also mode of ignorance sound, all this … modern music – passion and ignorance, they are all passion and ignorance.