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Kali Yuga. It is stated that in Kali Yuga everyone is born in the mode of ignorance. The predominating modes are passion and ignorance, almost no mode of goodness. Whereas in Satya Yuga, for instance, the golden age is completely the mode of goodness, almost no ignorance and very little passion.

So it is very, very different. We are in a dark age right now. Kali Yuga is known as a dark age, the age of darkness. I think we can see that, it’s not very difficult to see. And it is getting darker and darker because more and more people are in the mode of ignorance and attracted to that lifestyle. It’s propagated; children are born into it. So from birth they are completely stuck in it, and it just propagates itself. Passion and ignorance; passion and ignorance and no goodness, it is very rare.

In the mode of goodness you want to help other people, even if it’s just materially, you are thinking about others more. Humanitarian work, you feel the pain of other people and have compassion.

In the mode of passion you do not care. In the mode of ignorance and the mode of passion, just run over people. Anybody that is in your way – just kill them one way or another, so that is why there is so much killing. There is more crime than ever; it is not the mode of goodness.

Relationships are in the mode of passion. So you see they explode, more anger, more frustration and more divorce. Kids are born into it and it’s all that they know.

This is all happening because we do not listen to what we are told we should do. We do not want to know about it. Our attitude is: I will do whatever I want. But it’s not “I want”, it is what the mode of passion and ignorance makes me do. This is a part of the big illusion. You see, I do not want any of this stuff.

The mode of passion is like some dark force. People say, “What about the dark force?” Yes, there is a dark force; it’s completely true. It is these modes of material nature. You know, it’s funny … It’s not funny but it is funny.