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Let’s look at the mode of passion.

Passion is exactly like it sounds, you are passionate about life and you are driven. People in the mode of passion, they are just driven, they always have unlimited desires to achieve this, achieve that, success, success. They are the people who are always trying to get ahead, of what I do not know. Get ahead of themselves, make money, and make money, business, and more business.

All competitive sports are the mode of passion people. You’re going to win. I’m better than you; I am going to beat you. People in the mode of goodness are not very good at competitive sports. If they are in a race, here comes another guy, “Oh, go ahead.” No worries and they are just back there looking at the flowers, looking at the sky, just having a nice time … running … they’re just enjoying the run. If the guy in the mode of goodness comes in last – fine, no problem. If the guy in a mode of passion comes in second, “Oh no!!” I once heard that in every competition there is only one winner; everyone else is a loser. They just give second place and third place to make the losers feel good.

And of course sex is a huge thing in a person’s life in the mode of passion. They cannot even sleep at night, no matter how much they get they want more. Come on, not enough! A rapist is the extreme example of the mode of passion. Also wars are in the mode of passion. All these kinds of things are the influence of the mode of passion. Anger, you see is the mode of passion. People are driven by lust, everybody is in lust in the material world but it’s at the highest level in the mode of passion. So everything is about that whether it’s sex, business, competition… whatever it is. I want more; they are the consumers, but you’ve got everything … I want more!

The power, the control, these are the mad men; completely mad, driven mad. And anger is the next phase. The more you are in the mode of passion the more you are angry and so you’re destroyed by that anger, it is completely miserable.

And there are also hot and spicy foods. I knew a businessman that was really into this. He used to sell on the street before he got bigger goals. He would eat red chili peppers before he started work; he was breathing fire so that he could be good in business because he was angry. He always wore red colors, reds and bright orange and yellow. People in the mode of passion are attracted to fiery colors and so this leads to great agitation, the mode of passion. People in the mode of goodness are naturally attracted to natural colors- browns, earth tones, nice blues and soft greens.