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So now food, every food is in one of these three modes: goodness, passion or ignorance.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and dairy products are in the mode of goodness. If you eat those foods they will influence you in this way. Uniquely enough this is the prescribed diet for the human form of life. According to the Vedas this is what you should eat, you are humans and this is your diet. Those who follow this teaching automatically experience very much improved health, physical and mental and spiritual as well.

Meat eating, you see is terrible stuff and you should stay away, we will talk about that in one of the other modes.

These foods that I have mentioned should be fresh, not in a can or in a package, but fresh and organic of course if possible, no sprays or chemicals and so on.

When you eat like this you greatly improve your life and have very, very little disease. I could spend the whole night talking about that but I won’t, it’s tempting but I won’t. So we can think about it. What food should I eat, food in the mode of goodness.

Activity. Calm and peaceful activity is in the mode of goodness. Exercise, for instance, walks, swimming and these types of things. So if you do those things, this will influence you.

People in the mode of goodness are more inclined to higher thinking. The philosophers, the poets, the musicians, used to be musicians but not now … the creative people, they are the mode of goodness types of people. The true scientists, not stupid scientists, who want to discover, this is the influence of the mode of goodness. And of course spiritual interest but we will talk about that at the end.

The mode of goodness is where we should focus.